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Go-To Evening Outfits for Every Age

Know which coats to cleanse from your closet thru this handy new guide! Then after cleansing your dated or ill-fitting coats, shop the current coat selects hand-selected by Megan.

Flattering Basic Dresses for Every Body Type

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find the perfect dress for your body type with style tips & example images. I have also hand-selected dresses for each body type for you to shop!

How to Mix & Match Your Winter Basics

When it’s cold outside, it’s normal to just want to resort to the same old pieces but often your outfits can then feel tired and dull. You can still wear the same things over again, but there’s a way you can mix and match them so you can make several outfits for both day and night! This video will inspire you to create fresh outfits for the rest of the winter season!