How to Cleanse Your Closet like a Pro

This video is for you if you know it’s time to clean out your closet and remove all the clutter you may not wear. You may feel overwhelmed or you may be excited about getting rid of the clothes you don’t wear.

You will also learn how to clean out your closet with ease and simple tricks to make the process more streamlined and successful.

Here are the important takeaways from this video…

  1. Set uninterrupted time for yourself to clean out your closet.
  2. Divide your closet into piles of what is easiest to throw out, alterations, or clothes you want to keep. Ask if you would buy it today at full price, if no, throw out. Also ask, if it makes you feel good.
  3. Take notes throughout the cleanse to keep you organized.
  4. Letting go of clothes that don’t make you feel good will make you feel more confident and like the best version of you at the end of the day.
  5. Make sure to donate and consign those unwanted clothes and celebrate what you have just achieved.

Action Steps…

  1. Take time out of your schedule to cleanse your closet with no interruptions.
  2. Make piles of clothes you keep, need to alter, or ones you are done with.
  3. Donate & consign those give away piles.
  4. Get ready to venture out to find those basics you need to fill your closet with.