How to Master the Art of High-Low Dressing

This video is for you if you want to look current and pulled together without looking like you tried too hard, or you keep putting the same outfits together and are ready to change it up by mixing and matching the clothes you already have in fresh new ways.

You will also learn how to wear seemingly unrelated items in a modern way to ensure you look pulled together.  

Here are the important takeaways from this video…

  1. A “high” item equates to something that is either a more quality or luxurious item or a dressier item.
  2. A “low” item is something that is fast fashion, affordable, or casual.
  3. Mix higher price items with lower price items.
  4. Never buy a look straight off the mannequin.
  5. Pair dressy items with more casual items.
  6. Outfit formula: basic tee, dark wash jeans, and heels.
  7. Mix your fine jewelry with your costume jewelry.
  8. Stack your fine jewelry bracelets with costume bracelets.

Action Steps:

  1. Try out one of these high low techniques with your own outfits.
  2. Peruse Pinterest for additional high low outfit inspiration.