Outfit Formulas for Quick & Easy Mornings

This video is for those mornings when you need a quick and easy start! I have included outfit formulas for a casual day or business casual day. There are also a few day night ideas!

Here are the important takeaways from this video…

Casual Outfit 1: Jeans + Up-leveled Tee + Third Piece

  • Make sure to find out the jeans that best flatter your body type HERE
  • You need up-leveled tees that have substance and style (not a Hanes white undershirt)
  • Your essential item is the third piece – scarf, moto jacket, blazer, etc. Try several pieces to find what best suits your style and what feels most authentic to you.  Find out the third pieces that best flatter your figure HERE.
  • Finish off the outfit with casual shoe like stylish sneakers, mules, ballet flats, etc.

Casual Outfit 2: Dress + Third Piece 

  • A dress doesn’t have to be dressy! Find a casual dress like the jersey one in the video – comfortable and easy to move in. Typically, you want it to hit above the knee.
  • Third piece – Denim jacket, leather jacket, whatever best suits you! I encourage you to roll up the sleeves on a denim jacket as that best flatters all body types.
  • Finish the outfit off with a sandal, ballet flat, casual stacked heel bootie, or whatever best fits your lifestyle and provides comfort.

Date Night Outfit 1: Flattering Solid Colored Dress + Fun Shoe

  • Choose a dress that doesn’t feel like you’re going to work or church; you need a few dresses/jumpsuits that are solely for fun nights out!
  • Shoes – Stacked heel, pump, or sandal

Date Night Outfit 2: Black or Dark  Wash Jeans + Fun Blouse + Pump/Heel

  • Dark Denim – Black or dark wash jeans are a great foundational piece in your closet especially for a date night.
  • One and Done Blouse – This type of blouse has enough going on that you don’t need anything else to pull the outfit together (shape and colors that suit you, of course).
  • Pump/Heel – This pump should have a pointed/oval toe that works for work and going out; think about multi-purpose items when shopping.
  • Finish outfit off with a great clutch or small shoulder bag; this type of accessory will take your look from day to night.

Work Outfit 1: Flattering Trousers + Silk Blouse + Third Piece 

  • Trousers – Flattering to your body type
  • Silk blouse- This blouse is usually very versatile as it can often be worn for going out as well.
  • Third piece – This piece is mentioned often and used in many of the formulas because it pulls the outfit together.
  • Heel – A pair of nude pumps is great for work, streamlines the outfit, as well as creates an elongated look with its pointed toe.

Work Outfit 2: Flattering Solid Colored Dress + Fun Shoe

  • Dress – Pick a color and shape that best suits you.
  • Shoe- In this outfit formula, the shoe is the third piece. Leopard print goes with everything if you are looking for a place to start!

Outfit formulas allow you to not have to think so hard when getting dressed every day! Look in your closet, assess your wardrobe using the check list created for you below, and use that to determine what you need to purchase in order to build outfits.