Professional Wear for Any Age

I am to diving deep into professional wear for any age in this new SYC Society video! In order to ensure your outfit is age appropriate there for a few style techniques that I am sharing with you that you can implement when getting dressed.

After you watch the introduction in the video, you can skip to your age group!

Age Appropriate Officewear – 20s- (Skip to minute :48)

– Understand the work environment that you are entering. Ask your boss or colleagues what is appropriate for your setting.

– This is your time to slowly begin to invest in basics. From there, you can have fun with prints and colors, but make sure you are doing it in a professional manner.

– Make sure your clothing is well fitting and not too short. (See images in video for examples.) Keep in mind the length of your skirts and avoid plunging necklines.

Age Appropriate Officewear – 30s & 40s  (Skip to minute 3:45)

– This is when you up-level your professional wardrobe. What image do you want to project? This also depends on the type of work environment you are in.

– For corporate world – well tailored

– For a casual career- more color and prints; architectural detail

– Investing in alterations is important in this stage of your work life. Paying attention to detail will help you elevate your look.

– You can still have fun with trends, but in a more subtle way: a blazer, shoe, silk scarf, etc.

– Invest in your hair and makeup. You may want to consider a different hairstyle from that of your 20s.

Age Appropriate Officewear- 50s & 60s (Skip to minute 8:25 )

– This is the time that you don’t slack in your appearance. You are setting an example for other younger colleagues to follow.

– Buying the best quality basics that your budget will allow is important and utilizing a seamstress to tailor items.

– Make sure you aren’t going toward a “frumpy” path. Make sure your basics are up-to-date, and stay current in knowing what’s in and what’s out for the season.

– You can absolutely incorporate the trends, but do it in a way that’s more a of “nod” to the trend. (i.e. Instead of a leopard bootie, you can wear a leopard pump or kitten heel.)